Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long Week..

I might take a day off today becoz Adam is not well.
He has fever , flu , and coughing like every 5 minutes.(and then vomit).
Diri sendiri pun tak berapa nak sihat. Spent 9 hours in the office from Saturday midnight for implementation.Only managed to sleep around 2p.m the next day, itupun lepas bawak Adam ambik rotavirus kat Puchong.
Monday was crazzee hell when the implementation which was confirmed 'good' earlier hit issues after issues. (I am not the 1 confirming..relief).Sampai rumah almost 12 a.m but Adam refused to sleep , not till 1 a.m. Tuesday & Wednesday were spent to resolve the ripple effect of Monday's issues. (Nasib ada makan2 sedap ditaja orang naik pangkat kat opis..tu dia, sepinggan kambing bakar aku telan)..

So, haruslah cuti ni.

Note : Feel like losing track of Adam's dev lately. Could be due to reaching home almost 8p.m everyday and by then he is almost asleep. Sudah pandai menyusup (bukan merangkak, tapi tujah badan ke depan pakai kaki while meniarap)..

Ada chef ni kan hidang keju dari breastmilk wife dia to his customers? Don't you think it is awful to let the goodness of your EBM, be eaten by strangers? Some people commented the act as "Innovatively Insane". Could not agree more.

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